The Lily Camera Drone is cool!

  I ran across the Lily Camera Drone today.  It’s waterproof, has a tracking device that lets it follow you.  It records slo-mo, HD video, sound and takes 12mp still photos.   This drone is automatic, you don’t have to control it’s every move. Yes, you could use it for surveillance but the applications are […] Read more

Cheating spouse is recorded

  Stuff happens, and people record it. Today it’s not just surveillance that leaves a trail of evidence. Here are a few suggestions if you want to catch a cheating spouse. If the recording is not great, I may be able to restore it. But do it right in the first place. Smart Phone The Smart Phone […] Read more

Drones for media

What was that?  A drone possibly. We have all heard drone stories about the government using them in surveillance.  Even firing missiles at terrorists.  But how can companies use them for commercial use? Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS or drones) are inherently different from manned aircraft. Introducing UAS into the nation’s airspace is challenging for both […] Read more

May, 06, 2015


The future of surveillance, no battery required

This Self-Powered Video Camera Can Keep Recording Forever A new type of video camera is entirely self-powered. Columbia University researchers created this promising technology, it can go on and on without a battery, continuously recording one image per second of “a well-lit indoor scene”. The camera sports a new kind of power-harvesting image sensor that […] Read more

Bad Media?

Hard to understand audio from smart phones, pocket calls, voice mail, social media, hidden microphones, and other sources can be improved. Video and photographs from the Internet, Facebook, YouTube, Social Media, cellphones, computers, surveillance and other sources can be visually improved. Audio For over 25 years we have fixed bad audio. Technology has improved over […] Read more

Apr, 27, 2015