500 million Android phones hacked?

    One of the most important things your cell carrier tells you to do before you sell or trade your phone is to wipe your information. That prevents the next owner, whether they’re a criminal or just a snoop, from seeing your sensitive information like bank accounts, contacts, emails, texts, photos, location or getting […] Read more

The Lily Camera Drone is cool!

  I ran across the Lily Camera Drone today.  It’s waterproof, has a tracking device that lets it follow you.  It records slo-mo, HD video, sound and takes 12mp still photos.   This drone is automatic, you don’t have to control it’s every move. Yes, you could use it for surveillance but the applications are […] Read more

Houston adding more surveillance cameras

  Houston and other cities are adding surveillance cameras to help protect the public after the Boston bombing and riots in other cities.  Homeland security is offering grants to cities who update security.  Yet many cry “foul” and see cameras as an intrusion to their privacy.   How do you feel?  This conjurers up the […] Read more

Stable Video Recording

It’s called “Hyperlapse” and it’s from Microsoft.  This technology allows users to create stabilized, smooth, time lapse video. It’s software driven so it can be an app in a phone or computer. Hyperlapse takes shaky footage from a hand held device and gives one super smooth video that is so useful.  I can only imagine […] Read more

Cheating spouse is recorded

  Stuff happens, and people record it. Today it’s not just surveillance that leaves a trail of evidence. Here are a few suggestions if you want to catch a cheating spouse. If the recording is not great, I may be able to restore it. But do it right in the first place. Smart Phone The Smart Phone […] Read more

France and new security law

Following the Charlie Hebdo attack, the French Government has been working to draft and vote in a new intelligence law. In many ways, this law is even broader than the Patriot Act, and many media outlets, non-governmental organizations and vocal opponents lobbied against it. And yet, 77 percent of the members of the Assemblée Nationale […] Read more

How a combination lock can be opened in seconds

We have all bought those combination locks you pick up for a few bucks at the office supply or hardware store. Most people don’t realize they are not that secure.  — but recently, they’ve been opened in seconds. Samy Kamkar — the endlessly clever gent behind the USB necklace that’ll hack your computer and the self-title […] Read more

Is adding audio to surveillance cameras a threat?

The idea of adding security cameras with audio on public transportation is raising privacy concerns with the ACLU and others. In December the Washington Post and The Daily reported that the practice is spreading widely across the United States. It’s proposed that here would be six cameras per public bus and that would mean six […] Read more

May, 12, 2015


Are you being watched now?

Video Bug Detector Technology is making smaller Compact surveillance video cameras in almost anything: a public bathroom ceiling fan, decoy Coke can, teddy bears, key chain, you name it. If it fits, it records. There are many wireless video bug detectors that exist on the market. On the high-end, equipment pinpoints the exact location of […] Read more

Drones for media

What was that?  A drone possibly. We have all heard drone stories about the government using them in surveillance.  Even firing missiles at terrorists.  But how can companies use them for commercial use? Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS or drones) are inherently different from manned aircraft. Introducing UAS into the nation’s airspace is challenging for both […] Read more

May, 06, 2015


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