Are you being watched now?

Video Bug Detector
Video Bug detector

Technology is making smaller Compact surveillance video cameras in almost anything: a public bathroom ceiling fan, decoy Coke can, teddy bears, key chain, you name it. If it fits, it records.

There are many wireless video bug detectors that exist on the market. On the high-end, equipment pinpoints the exact location of the offending video cameras.On the low end, a device alerts you that a hidden video camera is near you.

Laser-Based Video Camera Finder
These are typically small handheld devices that fit in a pocket or purse. They send out a laser while you look through the special viewfinder. If the laser detects a hidden video camera lens (even less than 1 mm in size), the lens “glows” through the viewfinder, like cat eyes glowing in car headlights.

Laser camera finder

LSRCAMFINDER, Laser Hidden Camera Finder Pro

These detectors are especially useful for locating cameras at a further distance or cameras that may not be transmitting wirelessly (not sending an RF signal), but instead are recording to an internal DVR.

The ad for this one reads: With the flip of a switch, the Laser Hidden Camera Finder Pro allows you to locate all sorts of cameras by simply looking through its lens. Just look through the magnified viewing port to pinpoint the locations of any hidden camera lenses up to 50′ away. Under 4” long, it’s the perfect size to drop in a bag so you can always know when someone has an electronic eye on you.