How a combination lock can be opened in seconds

unlock combination lock
We have all bought those combination locks you pick up for a few bucks at the office supply or hardware store. Most people don’t realize they are not that secure.  — but recently, they’ve been opened in seconds.

Samy Kamkar — the endlessly clever gent behind the USB necklace that’ll hack your computer and the self-title Samy virus that devastated MySpace back in the day — demonstrated a way to crack a Master Lock by hand in just minutes.

Now he’s back with a robot that does all the hard work for you in seconds:


Now he is letting the world know on YouTube. Skip to about 0:25 to see the lock opened in seconds.

These combination locks have never been the epitome of security.  But before you throw them out, remember their purpose is to keep  curious honest people out of your stuff.