Cheating spouse is recorded

Cheating Spouse


Stuff happens, and people record it. Today it’s not just surveillance that leaves a trail of evidence. Here are a few suggestions if you want to catch a cheating spouse. If the recording is not great, I may be able to restore it. But do it right in the first place.

Smart Phone
The Smart Phone is considered by most people as a necessity.  You can use the phone to record pictures, audio, video and audio evidence. I’ve seen selfies, video, photographs and recorded audio evidence. Call logs, text messages,voice mail, and email can be extracted from the phone as well. These phones also have GPS which can record meta data into visual evidence to make the evidence more useful to your attorney. You usually have to turn on this location feature. There are also apps that are designed to track a phone that may hep you follow your spouse. I am not here to confirm or deny the legality of the use of a phone for evidence, you should consult with your attorney.

Social Media
A divorce attorney friend told me that Social Media has been great for evidence.  It’s surprising to me that people post their affairs on Facebook and other sites and many include pictures. I guess they feel like they need to tell someone about their secret.



Do it yourself recorded audio and video can be very helpful as evidence.  But many times it’s unusable evidence or requires the help of a media expert to enhance it after the fact.  So here are some tips:

  • Audio needs to be intelligible. You can add an app to your phone and record your conversations.  Conversations recorded by apps are usually great quality. Voice mail and butt calls may also provide evidence. Don’t muffle the recording device by placing items over the microphone or putting it in a purse. Smart phone apps make great audio recordings if used properly. An audio recording device requires close proximity to the people speaking.  The more background noise, the closer the recording device needs to be to the people you want to capture. Even noise your ears tune out like air conditioning noise,  people talking in the distance, motors, traffic and airplanes may mask the voice you want to capture.  I recommend you do a test recording before trying to record an event. Many times a media technician can peel away layers of noise, but do try to get as clean a recording as possible.  If you have an app on your smart phone, start recording before you enter the situation and place the phone on a table or hold it close.  These apps will work if the screen is off.

tiny cheap camera

  • Video needs to be clear. I mentioned a smart phone for audio, they make great video recorders too.  The trick is doing it secretively. There are many inexpensive surveillance cameras you can use to record.  The smaller cameras are easier to conceal. But here is the trick, good video requires good lighting. Video requires more light than a photo. Many times the video is just too dark. If the event is well lighted, then you amy not need to try to enhance a face in the shadows. Also the higher the camera resolution the easier it will be to zoom in to a face or object. For example, its hard to fix low resolution video to read a license plate, a sign or a face – it can be impossible.


The better the recording, the better the evidence.