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From the latest in techniques of restoration to digital image enhancement we can improve your recordings.  Conforming conversations is a frequent task where one party is loud and the other barely audible. Reducing audio and video noise is also often requested to enhance poorly-recorded and problem audio and video files.  With over  34 years experience, we continue to be amazed at the advances being made in this field.

We start the process with a low fixed-price EVALUATION of your media file. Many time we send a A/B comparison clips of a representative section of the media via the Internet to demonstrate the level of enhancement we are able to achieve. Since no two recordings are the same, the amount of enhancement success is described in the form of a percentage.

We also provide a final-cost estimate, as well as advise you on how to minimize your client’s expense, should you decide to proceed. Our final product to you can be furnished in a trial-ready format, with cues and indexes, so you’ll never stumble before the judge and jury! With our decades of experience, we also provide expert-witness testimony in the event your litigation goes to trial.

Our audio enhancement service is non-destructive.  We isolate the noise from the desired content and peel away layers of noise in a digital realm.  It is a time consuming process that can achieve some amazing results.

Removal of Loud Background Noise

Removal of Loud Background Noise

What is the typical process for enhancing media?  There are four basic steps in the forensic audio enhancement process.


  1. TRANSFER the source recording to a digital format. The source recording can be any of the following: micro-cassette, regular cassette, any tape based recording format; digital hand held recorders, police videos and voicemail.
  2. EVALUATE the material and then develop an enhancement plan.
  3. EXECUTE the enhancement plan until the desired outcome is reached.
  4. CREATE a final digital master of the original recording along with the final enhanced version.
video evidence

Surveillance video