Forensic Media

MediaforlegalRings 1.30Solved by forensic media detection
Some TV crime scene investigation programs tend to be more fiction than reality for the sake of drama. But even if you disregard the drama, today’s evidence restoration possibilities are truly amazing.
What is audio restoration? It’s processing audio or video for evidence. It may or may not include restoration of poorly recorded surveillance media. Computer data, email, text messages and storage media and erased hard drives may need recovery.  I find that 90% of our services include some form of restoration.

Audio and video restoration involves many sophisticated software tools. Our processes are non-destructive and digital.   The process actually seeks to repair the sound and video. If you are faced with restoring audio or video evidence, here are some aspects in regard to the process to familiarize yourself with before speaking with a forensics engineer:
• Decide exactly what sections of the evidence need to be restored.
• Describe the goal, for example identify a face or make the audio more intelligible.
• Know the time length and sections of the media you need processed. It’s possible to enhance portions of the media and save time and money.
• Identify the media format of the recording and provide the original recording, if possible.

Computer and phone
There are many resources in a forensic media engineer’s restoration toolbox: volume leveling, digital software enrichment, multi-band processing, spectral improvement, scientific filters, advanced analysis software and more. Many projects require a combination tools be applied.

What can be restored?
Noisy video and audio recordings can be improved.  Erased data on computer files and hard drives can be recalled. Smart phone data including phone logs, text and email messages can be copied, traced and reviewed for evidence. Media containing conversations can be made more intelligible.  Video noise and detail can be brought out in video or surveillance recordings.

With video it may be possible to:

  • Bring faces out of shadows
  • Enhance signs or license plates
  • Zoom in on photos or video
  • Removal of noise in images
  • Convert Internet or cell phone images for presentation

audio waveform

With audio evidence we might correct:

  • Conform recordings so all voices are understood
  • remove the sound of HVAC units, generators, airplane and motor sounds
  • Noise from mechanical damage to the recording
  • Wireless microphone noise
  • Wind noise
  • Distortion caused by overload
  • Ambient room noise
  • Buzz
  • Fixed frequency noise
  • Clicks and pops
  • Crackle
  • Phone rings
  • Specific sounds
  • Background noise

Other Forensic Services

  • Compare recordings to see if they are the same
  • Determine if the recording had been altered
  • Discovery of the actual time and date of the recording
  • Identify voices
  • Identify sounds on recording

We have over 35 years of experience in forensic media and has restored hundreds of  recordings. We also supply expert witness services and have testified in local, county, state and federal cases.